How do I store my product?
We recommend storing them in your freezer of at least -18 degree celsius and below. If you frequently open your freezer, place the pints deeper in the freezer compartment to reduce its exposure to heat shock. It is a very heat sensitive product after all! 

We also recommend thawing your pints for at least 5 mins or more for the best scooping experience!

Are you halal-certified?
We have 11 halal-certified products on our listings and it is indicated on their individual product page. 

(black sesame, chocolate, chocolate banana, chendol, cookies and cream, matcha, mango, peanut butter jelly, salted caramel, vanilla, durian)

We source for halal certified ingredients and do not use eggs, lard and/or alcohol at our processing facility. Do feel free to contact us directly should you have any queries! 


What is your delivery schedule like?
We do next day delivery  6 days a week! Pick between two time slots and checkout! 

Monday to Saturday 9am - 1pm, 1pm - 5pm
Sunday Closed


If you are not able to receive the products on the scheduled date, please reply to the fulfillment email or contact us at orders@empirical.sg before the scheduled delivery day. Should there be a need for re-delivery, a charge of $10/location is applicable! 

Is there any minimum order?
To thank our delivery partners for their help, a flat fee of $5/location applies for all orders. However there is no minimum order so if you’re craving for just one pint, go for it! 

How are my products delivered?
Your product would be placed in thermal bags and accompanied with reusable ice packs to keep them nice and frozen all the way! 

Do you deliver every day?
We deliver Monday to Saturday so you can truly have your sweet treats almost every day!

Do you deliver everywhere?
We do not deliver into Jurong Island and Changi Airport.