about us

/verifiable by experience/

The idea of Empirical stemmed unsurprisingly from a conversation over ice cream. While sharing a double scoop, we found ourselves chatting about the experiences the flavours reminded us of. We were bringing up anecdotes and stories that we have never really thought would ever be told and yet here we are. It left us feeling nostalgic yet content and as though we went on an exciting adventure together. 

We noticed that when it comes to dessert, it often acts as an accessory. The sidekick of the protagonist; can’t do without it, makes everything better but always blurry in the background and you can’t quite remember their name. But there is so much more to ice cream than the fact that it is just so good and goes well with almost anything. With each flavour, there comes it’s own inspiration and story that deserves so much more attention.

In each pint of our dessert, we share our narrative and we hope that it will, in turn, help you find your own narrative through our flavours. 

Everyone’s story is different and we would love to hear your journey and experience. Feel free to contact us with any feedback on our socials or hello@empirical.sg